17/07/2005 - End of term and diplomas' ceremony. (read more)

06/06/2005 - Third italian course starts today. (read more)

04/06/2005 - Fifth informatics course started today (read more)

05/03/2005 - Leãozinho's team is second at soccer challenge, also thanks to the new trainer (read more)

04/03/2005 - Informatics course ends, achieving the realization of a virtual newspaper of the town (read more)

14/02/2005 - New informatic course starts, on HTML and web-design (read more)

04/12/2004 - End of another term of Leãozinho's activities (read more)

05/11/2004 - First Leãozinho's team training (read more)

30/09/2004 - New term of classes of italian, computer and dance started today (read more)

21/09/2004 - Italian singer Tiziano Ferro wrote to the Association to congratulate with our projects (read more)

20/07/2004 - Diploma Ceremony and end of term (read more)

19/07/2004 - The brazilian NGO "TerrAmar" writes about us (read more)

15/06/2004 - First dance workshop (read more)

02/06/2004 - New Informatics and Italian courses start (read more)

20/10/2003 - End of first informatics course and beginning of the second (read more)

22/09/2003 - Beginning of the first Italian course (read more)

03/06/2003 - Inauguration of Leãozinho's Activities (read more)